Words of Thanks

Thank you, Katherine, for your tireless efforts..and faithful prayers. We are very grateful for friends like you who help us get the message sent to fellow Wisconsin Citizens.

The job is really just beginning. Between now and November we’ll be in the fight of our lives. Pray that God will give wisdom and favor…that Christians across the state will take seriously the opportunity they have to preserve God’s plan for marriage and family.

I wanted to mention this to you when I came home from the meeting on Thursday but was caught up in this wedding I am performing today.

I just wanted you to know that when I saw you I saw the glory of the Lord all over you. I just wanted to hug you.

Blessings dear one,


I appreciate the way you have so consistently supported me, our ministry, our family. Thank you for your kindness. I plan to share about “Going Low” on Monday with the pastors. Please pray for that.

Victory in Warfare


your email was very timely and an encouragement in the midst of some serious battle going on right now.

Thanks for being sensitive to the Lord.

You are a great blessing!

Your servant in Christ,

Katherine wrote…Hi,

I was just going to leave to join with someone I invited here to see “The Passion of Christ” and as I am getting ready, I had prayer come to me for you…more a knowing of the Father’s love for you and a “push” “support” sense in the Spirit for you. Let not your heart be troubled for His plans for you are good. It was as if you got another “promotion?” or as if the Father is shinning on you…so I also pray for protection in the Mighty Name of Jeshua. For every act of kindness and every righteous, holy prayer for you be manifested in the natural for His glory. That you continue to see/experience the salvation of the Lord and witness the fruit of your unselfish, faithful service in and through your life and those you love and pray for…You do not labor in vain.



Verification of Healing

This letter serves as verification of healing I received in August 2001 as a result of prayer and ministry by Katherine Christal of Breath of Life Ministries.

Driving to an Embrace Israel Conference in Iowa in August 2001, I was accompanied by my wife and several friends, including Katherine. Early in the trip Katherine received a word of knowledge about my left foot. (I had fallen from a tree fifteen years before and had broken my left heel. This heel had given me varying degrees of pain fairly regularly throughout the past fifteen years). Katherine began to pray for healing for my foot, as well as prophesying over me.

Since then I have not had pain in my left foot. I praise God for His mercy to me.


A Word of Affirmation

Good morning Katherine,

yes, I do think I have one very special man of God for a husband. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed at what the Lord has done in him, and through him and that I have had and continue to have the privilege of watching the Lord carry out his purposes through him and through others like yourselves.

I wanted to share with you that the kids were so blessed to have you with us on Sunday. Your prayers were instrumental and as they prayed, they felt strength and power coming from your direction and that is important as he yields to the lord and is obedient in his praying. His spirit is very sensitive and if there is anything coming through other people whether good or bad, he feels it and though he is learning to pray through when he senses a negative spirit coming, he still struggles at times staying in tune with the spirit of the Living God. But he said that just having you there helped a ton. Thank you for your obedience and thank you also for the sword message. God is very good.

Blessings to you in Jesus this day,

Katherine wrote…Reading the following message from Pastor Francis Frangipane…”Do you think you have a very special man of God as a husband?” and there is more to come…Hallelujah!! I suppose I didn’t have to tell you this and affirm this knowledge, but I can’t help rejoicing…for the Lord is so good and I am so thankful for you being so yielded to His plans for you.

I get such joy when we are all like minded and hearing the Father together in unity.

The Joy Of The Lord Be Your Strength,


A Word of Knowledge

Hello Katherine,

Thanks for being faithful at giving what the Lord asks you to pass on. Yes, I am facing some big decisions at this time. And I have been praying to know the best from the merely good, and to have the courage not to settle for anything less than God’s best. This was an encouragement to me.

Thanks for sharing, I still don’t know what God’s best is in some of the cases in questions, but our sharing encourages me in my faith to believe that he Lord does indeed care and is wanting to help me know what’s best.


Katherine wrote…..Yesterday the Lord brought you to mind and also a word. My days have been full so I am now just taking the moment to share…I hope still in His timing.

“Any decisions you are making right now…be consecrated unto Him.”

Not that you don’t always process this way…it was as if He was just making this a strong emphasis for you to be fully in His will for the best for you. Some major decisions maybe??

In His Service,


Physical Discernment

So good to see you both,

Thank you so much for taking the time to minister to me by the Holy Spirit within you. Katherine, the Holy Spirit was “right on” when you sensed something with the left side of Aaron’s head. When we took him to the eye specialist yesterday, he said the left side was where the problem was. He did think it was from the nerves getting jarred when Aaron got his head bumped in the Czech, but he really was very optimistic that the double vision will gradually correct itself. He thinks with six weeks it will be healed, but could be up to four months. We are definitely praying for a quick healing!

Tomorrow is the Aglow conference and praying up on Rib Mountain around two to three P.M.. I believe it’s really going to be awesome and a spiritual breakthrough will happen in the heavenlies!!

Thanks for your dear friendship.

God is good

Dear Katherine,

God is good all the time! My tests are coming back good. My leg has edema and some soft tissue swelling with no cancer, and the female lumps are non cancerous. Also, the lungs are clear and the liver looks good. I did not talk to the Dr. for this info but hope to finish this up with her later today or tomorrow. No matter what, God is good all the time..not just because I’m getting the results I wanted to hear. Thank you Jesus and you, Katherine, for standing in the gap for and with me.

I am keeping you in prayer also. The need is great and the time is short. Be encouraged and be blessed by God.


Prayer Support

Shalom! Great News!

The day before the angio plasty surgery, the doctors compared a former VCR-Ultra sound of the heart wit the one taken two days before surgery. They thought they had the wrong patient and the new ultra sound film showed a heart that was considerably smaller than the one viewed two years earlier. Also, the left side of the heart has returned to normal function, and my heart beat is very close to normal, if not normal most of the time. PTL! This is leading me to start using our churches’ phy-ed room very soon. Dr. Sharkey said this was OK if doing in a mild way.

It seems the Lord is leading us into working with a Filipino group, we are attending their Hear and Obey Revival and Missions Revival Conference at the Inver Hills Assembly of God Church on August 30th. Our initial contact was made while I was in St. Johns, the Filipino folks though she and her husband are presently blood “teckies…he is a RN and she is a missionary, having been in seventeen countries and speaks Berman fluently. would you believe, they just moved into a house nine block from our home. We attended a prayer meeting in their home on a recent Friday evening, meeting a number of Filipinos. They invited us to this coming conference. Yesterday, Jan had prophecy given to her from the Lord regarding our attending this upcoming meeting.

I decided to try the Chiropractor for my muscles. He’d discovered my hip muscles are like rocks and he is also working on my neck muscles.

Please pray for my muscles being loosened and for my glucose to come back to normal.

Thanks again for your prayer support.

Praise Report

Hi Katherine and Jenny,

I’m sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to talk with you today after worship. I wanted to share a praise report with you. I know the Lord had shown you a while back about Him blessing my husband and the last time I’d shared his current status at work…well, the next day he came home and said his boss had called him into his office that day and handed him a letter. It was a letter commending him for his hard work and included notification that his pay check included a small bonus. Thank you Jesus!!! I also wanted to tell you that you were used of the Lord to bless Hunter today. We’ve started reading chapter books and he has been persistently after me the last couple weeks to get him a bookmark for his books. When you turned around and handed him a bookmark today, God was blessing him with a desire of his heart. We talked today about God using you to bless him. He said he told you thank you before you left.

I wanted to thank you for your obedience.

Thank you for your ministry to us. I love you both dearly,

A Dream

Dear Katherine,

Thank you for your emails. It’s good to see your name on the lineup of things to read. I read all my emails at the library, so I don’t usually take time to do much responding.

I though it might be interesting for you to know that I had a dream about you. I “saw” you and another woman whose name I don’t know, but I had the sense that she was a person known as a Christian. It was a casual pose with the two of you smiling for the camera. The sense was that you were being “recognized” for your walk with the Lord and for ministry. I had this one-frame dream before I read your email noting that your are now part of a regional prophetic network and plan to do some traveling with the team. That new development seemed to reinforce the idea of your being recognized in ministry. Bless you. Your heart is purely to glorify the Lord, and you’ve paid a big price to do that.

See you someday,